I am a photographer, writer and creator of my greatest imagination. I believe that true beauty comes from within the within and my photography is meant to bring it to the forefront of a person, event or moment. I believe that capturing moments is more than just pausing a moment, rather it is a chance for a subject to tell a deeper story, for an audience to look into and be curious of the true story that lies behind the subject at hand. Photography is my gift to the world, a chance to create and cultivate more beauty. 

In a nutshell, I have an optimistic spark that fuels my unwavering love for people and moments that prove to me and the world that we all have a story to tell and life is too short to not give it a chance.  


My journey thus far

I was raised in pride packed and charming Durham, NC, and I am now located in Charlotte, NC. I was taught from an early age to follow my heart and doors will open and I can thank an incredible set of creatively driven parents for that. So, now at the age of 24 I am putting my creativity, heart and passion together to chase after every bit of my imagination I can conjure. My past experiences have all brought me to this point in my life. From being an assistant to a terminally ill man who had a goal to change the course of the world to being a photographer for Habitat for Humanity and seeing the incredible triumph it takes to call something your own especially when life didn't want to cut a break, I have been shaped, created and molded into the joyful, kind person I am today. 


My last two years in college, I felt like the luckiest person in the world. I was able to dream big and create more crazy ideas than I ever thought imaginable at the Inspire MEdia Network. The Inspire MEdia Network is a non-profit on a mission to change the world, one random act of kindness at a time. At the Inspire MEdia Network I was an event planner, a content creator, a photographer, a marketing manager, a producer, a public relations representative, and a kindness crusader. I was given a chance to practice my passion, creativity, and to try everything and anything within the limits of a non-profit. I helped build Inspire MEdia from the ground up and therefore, I had hands on experience with taking risks and learning from the response of our audience. I was allowed to be a dreamer and it was up to me to make my dreams for Inspire Media happen. The lessons I learned from that responsibility are some of the most valuable I have learned thus far.

In the last year of his life Chris asked me to co-produce his celebration of life. There is not a doubt in my mind that will always and forever be the most honorable, incredible and life changing project I will be given. Find my eulogy in my "other work" tab. 

Not many people get a chance to spend three years by the side of a man who isn't sure when his time will be up and for that I am forever grateful, forever changed and from now on, forever me. 

Let’s just have fun making people smile
— Chris Rosati, Founder of the Inspire MEdia Network

About the INspire MEdia Network

The Inspire MEdia Network was founded by Chris Rosati three years ago. Chris Rosati is a entrepreneur, marketer, husband, father, and friend to many. He was diagnosed with ALS five years ago and with that came the terrifying realization that his life will be cut short in just a few years. He knew he wanted to do something amazing before he left this world. So, he decided he wanted to make more people smile and to do this he would steal a Krispy Kreme truck and give out donuts to random strangers. What makes people smile more than a donut? Luckily, Krispy Kreme heard of this Robin Hood-esque endeavor and gave him their cruiser stocked full of 1,000 donuts. That day he went around to local schools, hospitals, and parks to make his dream come alive. Since that infamous day, Chris has been on a kindness crusade and his main focus has been the Inspire MEdia Network. At the Inspire MEdia Network we strive to spread kindness in unique ways, teaching today's youth about the power of being nice and inspiring others to pay it forward. We create events, campaigns, projects and stories to show the world just how amazing it can be to make people smile. 

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