Alida is a professional photographer who captures the authentic beauty of her subjects at hand. Specializing in portraiture, lifestyle, event and wedding photography Alida finds meeting new people one of the most energizing parts of her job. Alida believes that capturing moments are much more than just pausing them, rather it is a chance to tell a deeper story, for the audience to look into and be curious of the true beauty at hand. Capturing special moments is the most important aspect of Alida's work. Described as an optimistic spark with an unwavering love for the moments and people who bring joy into her life Alida will not only capture what you need, you will find an instant connection to her as well.

Where her path has led her:

Alida started working for the non-profit Inspire Media Network in 2014. After 3 years of being the assistant to the CEO, who happened to also be fighting ALS at the time, she quickly realized how important it is to worry less, do the things you love and chase after the dreams that seem impossible. After planning a surprise Celebration of Life to honor the CEO, Chris Rosati's life she set her sights on her dreams. She became the photographer for Habitat for Humanity Cabarrus County before venturing out to the Big Apple where she assisted for an editorial photographer. Alida is quite the nomad, but for now she is based in NYC and regularly travels for work. So, no matter where you are feel free to reach out!